Sera's Vegetarian Momo

Sera's super-popular vegetarian MoMos are made with farm fresh famous Idaho potatoes, organic cabbage, cilantro, and red and green onions. These delicious M11oMos are hand crafted with Sera’s traditional Nepali spice blend, which includes Fenugreek, and turmeric, both of which have long been used in Ayurvedic medicine to promote good health. Sera’s vegetarian MoMos are vegan friendly, and contain no animal products. Taste the Himalayas! (These are founds in BOISE Local Stores in frozen aisle)

Sera's Meat MoMo

Contains 13 grams of protein! A recipe crafted in the shadow of Mount Everest, and refined for a modern palate, Sera’s meat MoMos are a delicious, modern take on THE classic Sherpa food. Sera uses locally sourced, grass fed meat, and sustainable, organic produce to create a healthy, delicious, authentic food that represents the richness, and tradition of Sherpa culture. Eat Sera MoMo, and taste the Himalayas!.(Now available upon Pre-order, Pick Up at 11295 Ustick Rd, Boise, Idaho)

Sera's MoMo Sauce

Not just for MoMo! A versatile sauce made with fresh tomatoes, and sesame seeds, it goes well with anything! Available for pre-orders only.

Additional Services


Sera MoMo Caters! We cater for events for small events (50 people or less). Sera MoMo does many dishes including: Alu Dam(a potatoe dish), Dal Bhat(A traditional Napali dish that includes rice and lentils), Chicken and Curry and of course our classic seramomos. contact us to setup an event.

Lunch Special Sera MoMo

Local businesses of Boise can also order it for lunch, we deliver cooked sera MoMo for lunch in business office's with a minimum of 5 orders of Sera MoMo.