Sera's Meat MoMo

Contains 13 grams of protein! sera has perfected this recipe from her experiences of making many momos in her life time. Sera uses grassed meats from local Idaho farm and also uses all the organic produces! Being into fitness and healthy life style, eating clean sera makes sure all her product are the best of the best! Got her undergraduate in community health, she is focused on making the best healthy yet delicious authentic sherpa food for her community. Once you eat sera MoMo you will want to travel to Nepal and taste the Himalayas yourself :)

Sera's Vegetarian MoMo

Contains only 70 calories for serving (5 pieces of MoMo) sera's famous vegetarian momos are made with farm fresh famous Idaho potato with organic cabbage,cilantro, red and green onions. It is made nepali style with fenufeeek seeds which is super healthy. fenugreek is thought to promote digestion and reduce blood sugar levels in diabetic. And also spieces like tumeric which In Ayurvedic practices, turmeric has been used as an attempted treatment for a variety of internal disorders, such as indigestion, throat infections, common colds, or liver ailments, as well as topically, to cleanse wounds or treat skin sores. sera MoMo vegetarian MoMo is also considered Vegan MoMo since no animal products are added. Enjoy being full without feeling guilty! Enjoy the taste of the Himalayas!

Additional Services


Sera MoMo Caters! We cater for events for small events (50 people or less). Sera MoMo does many dishes including: Alu Dam(a potatoe dish), Dal Bhat(A traditional Napali dish that includes rice and lentils), Chicken and Curry and of course our classic seramomos. contact us to setup an event.

Lunch Special Sera MoMo

Local businesses of Boise can also order it for lunch, we deliver cooked sera MoMo for lunch in business office's with a minimum of 5 orders of Sera MoMo.